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Annoyances and amusements

I'm not good at routine when it comes to housework, but one of the few things I can usually manage is a couple of hours of tidying on a Sunday morning whilst listening to Michael Parkinson on Radio 2. So imagine my outrage this morning when I switch on five minutes late to hear the late and unlamented tones of Kenny Everett. Kenny Everett! In Parkie's slot! The rest of the day is all wrong too, it seems to be their birthday. But that's no excuse for depriving me of Parkie's dulcet tones and my weekly dose of news and culture. Boo hiss.

So instead of tidying, cleaning etc, I sat back down on the sofa with my laptop and read lj. mountainkiss was talking about the Boden catalogue, and I decided to visit their website to request a copy. I clicked in the title box, as you do, and almost fell off the sofa laughing at the list of titles from which I can choose. I'm torn between The Marchioness of, The Hon Mrs and The Vicountess, but I may just settle for Princess....

Hey ho, back down to earth and off to find a suitable cd to accompany me as I defrost the freezer.
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