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Bath Day 1

The AA routeplanner I printed out to guide me to Bath said that the journey would take just over four hours, I thought that this seemed a little over optimistic, but a combination of clear roads and good weather meant that it was indeed the case, although I did add on half an hour for a lunch break. I found the house we'd rented at the first attempt, thankfully, and met the housekeeper there for a quick tour. The house was lovely, mostly very modern, with the bizarre exception of the single bedroom, which was full of old dark furniture - the rest was very Ikea. It was a topsy turvy house, with the living room, kitchen and one bedroom upstairs, and the bathroom, laundry room and the other bedroom downstairs, which took a little getting used to, but there was plenty of space, which was just as well given the speed with which we filled it with our many belongings and purchases. I'd definitely recommend the house to anyone looking to stay in Bath, it was £500 for the week, and had a twin and a single bedroom.

The house was on Sydney Mews, just over the river from the town centre, to get into town we crossed the Pulteney Bridge, which had dinky little shops all along both sides. The day I arrived the weather was beautiful and warm (I wandered around all afternoon wearing a t-shirt, despite it being October), so as soon as the housekeeper left I shot into town to look round and stretch my legs. And visit bookshops, natch.

The bridge is just upstream from the weir.

I headed up the hill to the Circus.

And then on to the Royal Cresent, via a bookshop with a very chatty owner who recognised me, despite me not knowing him from Adam, and asked me to authenticate a signature in a first edition of Angela Brazil's The Fortunes of Phillippa, then tried to convince me that it was worth £100. He failed, which was just as well considering the amount I spent next day at the book fair (more on that later). I'd like to own it, but not that much.

Apparently all the houses behind the facade are different, the purchasers bought a section of facade then decided what they wanted behind it. We tried to get round the back to have a look, but we couldn't get close enough.

Next I walked back into town via the gardens in front of the Crescent (Victoria Park?)

And back into town.

I didn't go into the Abbey on the Friday, just admired it from the outside.

The bookshops and charity shops were pretty much of a disappointment, sadly.
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